• DICE preps E3 Battlefield 3 demo, mocks Call of Duty Elite

    DICE has confirmed that it's putting the final touches on a playable demo for E3. Conference-goers will be able to play a multiplayer map called "Operation Metro," which appears to offer well-rounded glimpse of Battlefield 3's gameplay. Players will experience both large and small-scale combat along with the ability to disable vehicles, mount weapons and more, according to DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson.

    Although folks at home won't be able to experience the action firsthand, the developer noted that EA will stream its press conference on Monday. According to GameSpot's countdown page, the keynote seems to start around 12:30PM PDT. You can also expect to see new trailers, screenshots and in-depth press previews next week, so there's plenty to look forward to even if you can't make the trek to Los Angeles.

    Additionally, Troedsson announced some features that won't be showcased at E3, including an "extensive co-op campaign" -- a first for the Battlefield franchise. He also took the opportunity to mock Activision's recently announced "Call of Duty Elite" premium subscription service. Apparently, DICE is whipping up a Battlefield 3 "Battlelog" that offers similar social tools, feeds and stats free of charge.

    Due in November and developed with the company's new Frostbite 2.0 engine, Battlefield 3 is shaping up to be one of the, if not the biggest PC game of 2011. Based on previous announcements, we know that the title features four classes, more unlockables than Battlefield: Bad Company 2, meaningful character customizations, as well as improved level destruction, character animations and war sounds.

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    1. dlukym's Avatar
      dlukym -
      This makes me want to buy a super pricey computer
    1. Cabalo's Avatar
      Cabalo -
      This game is going to be THE shit!
      Pre-ordering soon, as any hardcore Bad Company 2 player will do.
    1. mr. nails's Avatar
      mr. nails -
      i've never been a BF player. hated it actually, but that 12 min trailer (i'm guessing it's the same one.. didn't watch it) makes the game look unbelievably good. i'm prob gonna buy it just to take numbers away from the CoD franchise.
    1. WHiKWiRE's Avatar
      WHiKWiRE -
      I will defiantly be pre-ordering. Shame I don't have a beafy PC and only a PS3.
    1. icerush's Avatar
      icerush -
      It looks amazing, but in the video you can already see AI stupidity in the squad/story. When the soldier gets hit by the sniper the player immediately (and slowly) drags him into cover, making himself an easy target for the followup shot. As displayed in the film Saving Private Ryan, you take cover until the threat is negated by heavy suppressive fire or at least a smoke grenade (or killing the bastard). A squad mate does eventually throw a smoke grenade, but afterwords he stands out of cover like an idiot. That would be another notch for the sniper, as he shouldn't have to: walk out, stand up, turn around, throw grenade, stand still, stand still, stand still, walk to car, crouch. And these moments occur in the scripted promotional video, so I worry about AI in more complicated scenarios of single player and coop campaigns (and hopefully skirmishes), reminiscent of the historically stupid AI in the first game BF1942. But so many other things look brilliant in the game, and the engine appears to be a massive improvement on the BF2 Refracter 2 engine and BFBC2 Frostbite 1.5 engine (predecessor to the BF3 Frostbite 2.0 engine).

      If they want to take back the crown from Call of Duty, now is the chance. Activision has gotten greedy, especially with the new Elite subscription plan, so I sincerely hope they take their time and make this a knockdown punch. I am an avid player of both series' but Activision needs a wake up call after: setting the precedent for a price increase on PC games, cranking out games similar enough to each other to be considered expansion packs in the good ol' days (what is this shit about buying the maps from the previous game that came out less than a year ago??), cutting out private servers (killing a great modding community) and the new spit-in-the-face of the "Elite" subscription plan (that is setting another ugly precedent).

      So please, please, don't screw this up DICE! I'll shut up after noting this promising section of the Wikipedia article on BF3:

      "Battlefield 3's lead platform is the PC rather than a console. The reason for this is that the Battlefield series began on PC and DICE is staying true to its largest target user community.

      Battlefield 3 will use a new Frostbite engine built from scratch. Known as Frostbite 2, it will deliver more advanced destruction, sound, and graphics than previous versions. The updated Frostbite 2 engine can realistically show how a seven-story building would collapse during an earthquake in a pile of smoke and debris."

    1. Cut-Copy-Paste's Avatar
      Cut-Copy-Paste -

      You do realize Mw and BF is over the world game. In real world a single bullet hit would put solider out of war field and wont heal him miracly. If you want that kind of realism i suggest you check Operation Flashpoint
    1. Funkin''s Avatar
      Funkin' -
      Meh, I'm sure it's going to be fun. And obviously it's gorgeous and incredibly detailed. But these realistic FPS's are growing pretty stale to me.

      I'll let my nephew spend his money on it and wait to pass judgement until I've actually played it.
    1. icerush's Avatar
      icerush -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cut-Copy-Paste View Post

      You do realize Mw and BF is over the world game. In real world a single bullet hit would put solider out of war field and wont heal him miracly. If you want that kind of realism i suggest you check Operation Flashpoint
      I wasn't saying anything about the way bullets effect your health, I'm just hoping for a solid AI. Never heard of an "over the world" game, but I've played OFP so thanks for the suggestion.

      I'm looking forward to E3, maybe we'll see more demonstrations there.

    1. stlcardinal9's Avatar
      stlcardinal9 -
      cant wait to play this
    1. noodles's Avatar
      noodles -
      honestly this single player demonstration makes the game look like scripted garbage. the player dances around, trying to behave "realistically" but really this is just a prettier version of what we've seen a million times already. truth

      the real game is the multiplayer