• Pranksters "deface" upcoming Hamburg Apple Store with a Windows logo

    When you pull the Mac vs. PC war away from the Internet and onto the streets, the dispute gets less heated. In fact, both sides inject a bit of humour in swiping at each other. Apple's idea was the old "I'm a Mac" commercials. Microsoft countered with "I'm a PC" and put one of its recording booths in front of an Apple Store.

    While Microsoft continues to place new Microsoft Stores in strategic locations across from Apple Stores, some pranksters by the name of ".WAV Collective" in Hamburg, Germany got a bit creative with a new Apple Store opening in their city.

    The new flagship store has yet to open, but judging from the photo posted above, there are no signs pointing to Apple on the boarded up exterior. So why not slap a Windows logo up there? And so two men dressed as construction workers did just that (courtesy of 9to5Mac):

    The logo has since been taken down. Fortunately, the video and the pictures of the prank are here to stay and spread across the Internet.

    Source: NeoWin
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    1. cibu's Avatar
      cibu -
      lool =))) how funny is that ..... I really liked their ideea . nice one!
    1. 99shassan's Avatar
      99shassan -
      I would love this to spread to all apple stores.