• Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer is Very Familiar

    As a long-time Final Fantasy devotee, I have to say that Square-Enix’s twist in direction starting circa Final Fantasy XII didn’t really do it for me. I persevered, of course, as all good FF fanboys are want to do even when the haircuts and the belt-skirts and the damn Moogles just get too much for any reasonable person to acknowledge as palatable. Final Fantasy XIII was a whole ‘nother thing entirely, though. I don’t know a single person who’s managed to finish it without succumbing to crippling ennui – so what of its upcoming companion piece, Final Fantasy XIII-2?

    So it’s prettier than a picture, and anyone who really got into Final Fantasy XIII will see a few familiar faces in there and that’ll tickle the ol’ fan-service bone – but it looks a whole lot like more of the same with minor QTE bits and even fewer characters to play around with. Obviously, being that it’s a direct sequel (the only other one being Final Fantasy X-2), it probably won’t make a lick of sense to anyone who hasn’t seen Lightning’s original melodrama through to the end, either. Which is no-one, apparently. Who’s going to buy this?! Poor Squenix.