• BioWare Continue to Tease Mass Effect MMO

    Those guys! They can't get enough of teasing us about a Mass Effect MMO. Latest culprit on the list is none other than BioWare boss Dr. Ray Muzyka, who said that the future of Mass Effect and Dragon Age was "very bright", and that they were "exploring new types of online play" down at BioWare Mythic in Virginia.
    "We also have some new things in the pipe we haven't announced yet out of our Edmonton studio. We're obviously looking at Mass Effect, Dragon Age - they're epic franchises, and we have more things planned in the future. Mass Effect 3 is the beginning of a Galactic war. The future's bright."

    Muzyka did however clarify that Star Wars: The Old Republic was their focus in the MMO space for now, and that it would be supported "for years" after launch, rather than being wholesale abandoned for a shiny new Mass Effect game.
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    1. mr. nails's Avatar
      mr. nails -
      as much as i wanna like this game i just can't get passed all the damn reading. sure, i read or i wouldn't even be on this board, but if i ONLY wanted to read i wouldn't be playing video games now would i?
    1. hersi's Avatar
      hersi -
      They really should abandon SW:ToR as it's a piece of shit. Early leaked video of the game has been taken down (including the one they streamed themsleves!) on the account that it showcased how shitty the game really is. Do yourselves and everyone you know and have them steer far, far away from SW:ToR. It's complete garbage. It's so bad that it's insulting for anyone that's a fan of Star Wars and willing to pay a subscription fee (yes you have to pay a monthly fee for that shit). There's plenty of videos that were re-uploaded online because of how bad this game is.

      Here's one. Quality Bioware game, right here, folks.

      Twi'lek guys run up (shitty animations and all) and inject the Jedi with poison. POISON. As if the threat from dying an awful poison related death wasn't bad enough, he Jedi Mind Tricks them into leaving. Then the conversation continues with the female as if nothing happened afterwards not two lines of dialogue later. What about the poison? I guess the Jedi's immunity for toxins is a force to be reckoned with. The sad thing is that I'm not over-exaggerating, either.

      Megaupload video is here. It's the leaked footage from the closed beta. It's 1.5 hours of pure shit. Everything from the above YouTube video plus more hilarity is in this video. It's in .flv format, straight from the jusin.tv leak. Towards the end of the video, our character becomes a Jedi and finally gets his lightsaber. He has to defeat someone first, and you will see the quality programming that is Bioware. Afterwards, he has to fight a gigantic beast and... hilarity ensues.

      Quality, quality game. Exploration? Nope. How about one-way corridors filled with shit and the occasional fork in the road? It's a freakin' MMO for crying out loud, and you put CORRIDORS in the world map? Think Dragon Age 2 maps with a Star Wars theme and you get their exploration.

      Combat? Let me tell you about the combat. First watch this video here.

      Yes, folks. Awesome combat and animations from the folks at Bioware. Also, there is absolutely NO consequence for dying. When you die, you can have a medical droid "repair" your character and you can respawn in the same spot (with being invisible and invulnerable for 12 seconds), and run to a "safe spot". Then heal up your character. The dev in that video even said that they did a 5-man Heroic Instance using this method of cheap respawning to complete it.

      The live broadcast that was in this same video has been removed on the account of bad press. I shit you not. Check for yourself here. http://live-event.ea.com/e3/chat/star-wars

      Towards the end of the broadcast, they had to turn down the graphic settings because of the lag. Because, you know, graphics has everything to do with live streaming.

      Their arrogant mentality (and shitty developer skills) will be their downfall. I seriously hope they go out of business. They don't deserve to make games. They don't deserve your money. You'd think with a budget of $300 million for ToR, they'd make something decently playable.