• Codemasters Pulls Plug on PC, PS3 Servers for GRID, 360 Still Active

    After three years of online racing, players of Codemaster's 2008 title Race Driver: GRID have found themselves bereft of online connectivity. Multiplayer servers for the PS3 and PC versions of the game have been shut down. According to a post on the community forums, Codemasters was unable to continue to provide the service because a "third party provider" declined their offer to extend the contract.

    Xbox 360 users are unaffected, presumably either because they are hosted by a different provider, or they see a higher traffic level which justifies their continued retention. No information on this was provided, unfortunately. Codemasters thanked fans for the support and apologised for the outcome of this decision.
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      xbox 30 ps3 i kinda like this game ..does this run on pc ?
      "Codemasters Pulls Plug on PC, PS3 Servers for GRID, 360 Still Active"

      For racing, see DiRT 3.