• Grand Theft Auto V "Pretty Likely" for 2012

    There has been much internet sleuthing in the case of Grand Theft Auto V, and various clues to its progress have been unearthed – voice actor castings, supporting characters, things of that minor ilk. However, what’s most interesting about Rockstar’s sequel to Niko Bellic’s inner-city rampage is that, for the first time, Michael Pachter has said something vaguely useful. His prediction that it’d be out before the end of January next year has been supported by an ‘anonymous source close to Rockstar,’ who’s informed Gamespot that a 2012 release is “pretty likely.”

    “It’s the big one,” this masked informant went on to say of the game’s scale, confirming that development is “well underway” and that finishing touches such as mini-games are in the final stages of design. Unfortunately, very little else is known about the game. Even its setting is the subject of pure speculation, with the brief from its casting calls – nicknamed ‘Rush’ – indicating you’ll be running amok in a non-specific Los Angeles-inspired urban sprawl. Rockstar have yet to officially comment, and this anonymous source could be full of it. Which’d mean Michael Pachter fails again.