• MediaGet BitTorrent Client Set To Conquer The West

    MediaGet, an all-in-one BitTorrent client developed in Russia, has become increasingly popular recently. Despite being just one year young the BitTorrent client has already been downloaded more than 18 million times. At the moment the majority of its users come from Ukraine and Russia, but the MediaGet developers have translated the client and are ready to conquer the West.
    Developed by a team of Russian coders,MediaGet was first released to the public in February 2010. At the time the client was only available in Russian, but through partnerships with various websites the client reached its millionth download within a few months.
    But the MediaGet team wanted more. Earlier this year they translated the BitTorrent client into English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, and not without success.

    As of today the BitTorrent client has been downloaded more than 18 million times, and the share of US and Western European users is growing steadily. The MediaGet team estimates that 70% of their current users still come from Russia and Ukraine, but other parts of the world are catching up quickly.
    Judging from the features and a few trial runs, it is not hard to imagine that the client could appeal to a wide audience, especially those who prefer an all-in-one download application.

    MediaGet is available to both Windows and Mac users and allows users to search, download and play files all from within the application. Although it has nearly all the features one would expect in a BitTorrent client, MediaGet is primarily targeted at novice users.
    “Our software is made to be a BitTorrent client for ‘dummies’, who are looking to download movies, music and games. We provide built-in search which searches on various open torrent-trackers, and we have media player to watch movies on demand,” the MediaGet team told TorrentFreak.

    One of the most notable features of MediaGet that most other clients lack is a built-in search engine. Aside from searching various public torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and isoHunt, in the future MediaGet plans to add an API so users can add other sites as well.
    Whether the torrent sites, whose resources are users to power the search, will be very happy with the current implementation is a question that has to be answered another time.

    On the privacy side MediaGet provides easy integration with the Faceless.me VPN service, in addition to regular proxy support for anonymity services like BTGuard. Other features worth mentioning are the uTorrent importer, the media player with streaming support, and the Android remote access interface.
    Overall we have to say that MediaGet gives the impression of a mature and stable client that works out of the box. It works as advertised and is certainly a client worth keeping an eye on in the coming years.
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    1. vato76's Avatar
      vato76 -
      All in one, eh? So are they planning to support ed2k or file hosts? Otherwise, i dont see the point. I got Bit Che for torrent searching, and google for file hosts. This client doesnt seem to offer anything unique.
    1. whatcdfan's Avatar
      whatcdfan -
      I tried it a way back, removed it in the 15 min span of using it.
    1. anon's Avatar
      anon -
      The screenshot looks like Vuze's non-classic UI or whatever uTorrent became is called now. Typically, these clients aimed at newbies or that attempt to integrate everything in one place end up failing.