• FBI Raids Data Center, LulzSec Possible Target

    The FBI conducted a raid last night on a data facility operated by Digital One in Reston, VA. They seized a number of servers, which then caused several websites, including those run by the New York published Curbed Network, to go offline. The reason for this raid is unknown but there are rumors that this is related to hacktivists LulzSec. Cato’s Julian Sanchez weighs in.
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    1. nntpjunkie's Avatar
      nntpjunkie -
      This is plain and simple outrageous! I have nothing but respect for our law enforcement officers, but in a case like this they clearly did not have enough knowledge or understanding about what they were after. The FBI needs a taskforce that clearly understands today's modern co-location and internet technologies so that they can act swiftly and responsibly when going after those who have been accused of a crime and only target their specific data. I think this is a case and point that the FBI has clearly fallen behind the times as they don't seem to be to familiar with web hosting technology works or they would not have taken so many sites offline. In today's technology age the FBI needs to be like Kevin Mitnick on steroids because technology is moving very fast. Again I have nothing but respect for what the folks at the FBI do, but there is always room to learn and grow. - A concerned Citizen
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      bobbintb -
      its disturbing how little lawyers, judges, and law enforcement know about technology when they are the ones that are tasked with enforcing laws about it.