• PC Win: EA Origin Offers Free Shift 2 DLC

    Right now, I’m listening Mark Morgan’s score for Planescape: Torment. It is one of the most epic games known to anyone, and it is a PC game. The PC is epic, but lately it’s been finding itself at a bit of loss when matched against the big money the consoles can produce for their publishers. Not so today, friends. Remember those initial reports that racer fans playing Shift 2: Unleashed on the PC wouldn’t be receiving any of the DLC released for console versions of the game? Lies. You’re getting ‘em, and you’re getting ‘em for free.

    EA want us to love their new Origin service, and this is a good way to do it: give us free stuff. Starting June 30th, all current Shift 2 DLC packs will be available via Origin for absolutely nothing. That includes the Legends Pack (a dozen new cars, 5 new tracks) and the Speedhunters Pack, which includes two new game modes in the form of Drag and Standing Mile as well as a whopping 14 extra motors to fang against your chums in Autolog matches. Not too shabby, EA.