• Microsoft sells 507,000 Xbox 360s, blows past Nintendo

    NPD June data give Xbox 507K units in huge lead

    Microsoft kept up a year-long string of leads with new NPD data giving it the lead in June. About 507,000 Xbox 360s shipped last month, making it not only the top selling game console but giving it a wide lead. The NPD's decision against providing open data made comparisons difficult, but Microsoft in a comment said it sold "nearly twice as many" systems as rivals, with Nintendo's DS or Wii the most likely runner up.

    The Xbox 360 has been on a hot streak ever since the slim model arrived last summer. It has been fueled byrunaway Kinect sales. Microsoft has never broken down audience numbers but is known to be getting many casual and first-time gamers through Xbox 360 Kinect bundles.

    Nintendo and Sony aren't expected to reveal their system numbers. The former is still likely struggling givensteep drops in profit. Sony may be an overall third but has been seeing significant increases in PS3 sales year-over-year thanks to price cuts. In mobile, the DSi and 3DS have fought to keep share in light of iPhone and Android gaming, while the PSP is virtually dormant until the PlayStation Vita effectively replaces it in the fall.

    The industry as a whole saw a slump in spite of Microsoft's win. Game sales dropped 10.4 percent to $1.03 billion and was led by games like repeat winner LA Noire, the 14-years-in-waiting Duke Nukem Forever, andInfamous 2.
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    1. stlcardinal9's Avatar
      stlcardinal9 -
      I switched to the 360 during Sony's BS downtime and haven't turned on my PS3 since.
    1. Funkin''s Avatar
      Funkin' -
      I really don't care who sells more between Nintendo and Microsoft. As long as they both continue to blow past Sony then I'll remain a happy camper.
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      +1 @ Funkin' I do like that artwork on the 360 tho