• The Pirate Party Will Host Wikileaks

    The Swedish Pirate Party has agreed to host some servers for Wikileaks. The two parties have already signed an agreement and said the Pirate Party will be dedicating several servers at an undisclosed location in Sweden as well as provide free bandwidth to the whistleblower site.

    A few weeks ago, the Pirate Party said it was willing to offer the site hosting and bandwidth to ensure that it is safe from pressure and attacks from governments or organizations around the world.

    Wikileaks recently rose to a new level of prominence after releasing over 90,000 documents pertaining to the Afganistan war. All documents came from the US military and were rated with varying degrees of secrecy.

    The Pentagon was not at all pleased with the actions, especially since it's hardly the first time it has had to deal with Wikileaks. The site has been considered a threat for several years and there were plans to discredit it, by any means possible.

    Those plans actually ended up on Wikileaks at one point, showing the Pentagon's strategy in dealing with the site. Earlier this year, a video of an US army helicopter killing civilians, including two Reuters employees, ended up on Wikileaks, causing quite a bit of tension at the Pentagon.

    Wikileaks has 15,000 more documents that it hasn't released yet. With the increased threat and more people than ever asking for the site to be shut down, the Pirate Party offered to help it by providing hosting and vowing to defend it at any cost. The two groups have now made the agreement official.

    “We welcome the help provided by the Pirate Party,” Julian Assange, Wikileaks spokesman and leading figure, said. “Our organisations share many values and I am looking forward to future ways we can help each other improve the world.”

    General elections are coming in Sweden next month and the Pirate Party hasn't been doing so great in the polls. The party hopes the move will make it a viable alternative in the eyes of more people than their regular electorate.

    Source: Softpedia