• CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Uses Modern Warfare 1 Mentality, Addresses Campers

    The upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is set to have a similar mentality with the original Modern Warfare game, Call of Duty 4, and tries to eliminate the possibility for campers to take advantage of the map layouts in the multiplayer mode of the new shooter.
    The Call of Duty series has become a huge phenomenon, largely due to the top-notch multiplayer in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Since then, all past games have added new things and expanded the experience through the use of killstreaks and more.

    Now, with Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling emphasizes that the development teams have taken a more back-to-basics approach, channeling the same mentality as with Modern Warfare 1.

    Basically, Bowling says that multiplayer maps will be a bit simpler in order to eliminate camping locations, where skilled players would just wait until others appeared and kill them before they could spot him.

    "It simplifies it so that the less skilled player has less to think about," Bowling told Kotaku. "What happens when you have more is that the professional guys are using that spot that is either difficult to get to. There's fewer places to hide, which discourages the camper mentality that seemed to emerge in the map design of Modern Warfare 2."

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will bring back some of the elements that made the first Modern Warfare game so popular, in order to attract many players that skipped the newer installments because of their complexity.

    "Modern Warfare style is, for me, all about the high-speed, fast-paced and I'm talking in terms of smooth controls and 60-frames-per-second framerate, infantry-focused combat," Bowling continued. "It's all focused on that gun-on-gun gameplay, especially in Modern Warfare 3.

    "I feel like it's something we nailed with Call of Duty 4. We moved away from it a little bit with MW2, relying heavily on air support, killstreaks, perks and stuff like that. Modern Warfare 3, very much [is] building up from that Call of Duty 4 mentality of gun-on-gun, fast-paced infantry gameplay."
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    1. 1000possibleclaws's Avatar
      1000possibleclaws -
      Oh lord, enough with the perks and killstreaks and tubes already. I heard they are going to try and simplify multiplayer by not having varying heights in the level design, which kind of sucks. But then again I doubt I'd play this anyways.
    1. Tarom's Avatar
      Tarom -
      Likewise, I am a Battlefield fan myself.
    1. godofhell's Avatar
      godofhell -
      1. Modern Warfare 3 Uses Modern Warfare 1 Mentality
      nice, way to innovate - Go Backwards hehe

      2. Skilled players would just wait until others appeared and kill them
      skilled players dont need to spawn camp
    1. Quarterquack's Avatar
      Quarterquack -
      "It simplifies it so that the less skilled player has less to think about" Ahahahahahahahaha.
    1. Xbox_360's Avatar
      Xbox_360 -
      A skilled player would spawn camp or use a game flaw to his advantage. COD is not meant to be a slow paced shooter it's fast paced and I think that is why camping is so frowned upon. It sort of is not the players fault when you have those damn kill streaks to fill and some take a lot of kills to fill and you can't just go running out to kill. Then you have a gun system that is so stupid, a gun is a gun and should kill someone equally the same within at least 20 feet. The only thing that should matter is the range and the built depth the gun has. I am so sick of having to use this sort of gun with these perks or I am at a big disadvantage. Take this crap out and then maybe people wouldn't have to camp. I am also always bugged about this when there is a shotgun in the game or any shooter game why does it always have to be a spread shot why not offer the slug as an option, or be able to take a bit of both?
    1. abkhan's Avatar
      abkhan -
      A hit doesnt mean to repeat that title forever
    1. stlcardinal9's Avatar
      stlcardinal9 -
      Lag, Lag, Lag, Lag, Lag, Hacks, Hacks, cheaters, no developer support, over priced map packs, Lag and lag
    1. Tarom's Avatar
      Tarom -
      Less players, less campers....
    1. Skiz's Avatar
      Skiz -
      As someone who has owned every Call of Duty game since the very first one, I'd like to see them go back to a more basic setup (without all the perks) and larger maps. I remember the United Offensive expansion pack has some enormous maps to play on; it was brilliant.

      And if they want to discourage campers, allow the rcon admins to set an option if they'd like, which would identify campers with an arrow or something after like 60 secs of limited movement.