• Celine Dion goes to war with her own face

    WE MISSED THIS EARLIER but think it cannot go unreported that Celine Dion, The INQUIRER's Canadian warbler of choice, has closed down a web site that only published pictures of her face.

    The web site, "Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion", which we wish we had stumbled upon earlier, posted up a message seven days ago saying that following some contact from the chanteuse, it was no longer able to do business. Its business, it seems, was displaying less-than-flattering images of Celine.
    "hey y'all. cÚline dion found our blog, and she didn't like it. we just got a letter from cÚline's lawyers that the blog has to be shut down," reads the post from the web site's creator and warbler face collector.

    "Though this blog is well within the realm of 'fair use', i don't have the money or time to get a lawyer to respond. the dream is over. thanks for following and being a cÚline superfan i'll always remember u. i'll never let go."

    We'll always remember you too. Whoever you ares for Celine she's been a favourite at the INQUIRER since she decided to let Sony put DRM on her CDs that had installed a hidden rootkit on user PCs. This was designed to discourage copying, but quite possibly had the averse affect and lead to some not buying.

    This meant that her best of Album, The Essential Dion, and another one, called On ne Change Pas, were unable to meet our ears. Something that we have actually never recovered from.
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