• Chinese parents sell children to fund gaming habit

    A Chinese couple sold their children in order to fund their online gaming habit, reports a local newspaper.

    The Sanxiang City Newspaper said the parents, both aged under 21, sold their three children to cover the costs of playing online games at an Internet café.
    ABC News reports that Li Lin and Li Juan met in an Internet café in 2007 and had their first child, a boy, a year later. Days after the birth the couple left the child at home to visit an Internet café over 30 kilometres away.

    Two years later the couple had a baby girl, and decided to sell the child for less than $500 in order to fund their gaming habit. After spending the money, Li Lin and Li Juan sold their firstborn, a boy, for ten times as much: $4,600.

    Once the couple had a third child, another boy, they sold him for the same amount.

    Li Lin’s mother turned the two in to authorities when she discovered what her son and partner had been doing. The two claim they didn’t know they were breaking the law, stating, “We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money.”
    It is not clear as to what game or games the couple were playing.
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      We live in a confusing world...
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      So, do you think Angelina Jolie paid the $500, or got suckered and paid the $4600? Personally, I'm going with the higher amount- I just don't picture her as a bargain shopper.
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      I am not sure what is more sick. These "parents" selling the kids or the thought of them keeping them.
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      the world is crazy ...but in china you cannot get more then 1 child as i know.
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      “We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money.” Supply and demand I guess but I hope the kids go to a better and loving home. This kind of thing has been happening for a long time though and not just in China..
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      I believe this is happen everywhere with various reason.Poverty is the main reason like happen in Indonesian & Thailand.
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      What's the odds on something like that happening?
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      I really hope these children are in a better place. What I want to know is what is going to happen to the very stupid dumbass "parents"?
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      I'm glad that for once no one is blaming the game for this.
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      I'm surprised, even after being this much gaming addict, how did those got into the idea of actually having sex (which would probably be pleasure less)and all the time and pain of keeping them in womb.
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      a. how could they NOT know this was illegal b. an internet cafe? really? wouldnt it be cheaper to play at home or do they not have internet?
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      I hope they got a good deal.
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      Sad and pathetic. i hope they get some real jail time. How do you not know? Also how do you find someone to buy them?
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      they prolly just happen to play a lot of video games. Doesn't have to be directly related
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      Quote Originally Posted by predateur View Post
      the world is crazy ...but in china you cannot get more then 1 child as i know.
      Exactly... how was that even possible?

      Beholdthe dark side of the Video Gaming world
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      i wonder what game they where paying