• Google's Chrome OS has been Hacked!

    In the title, imagine that the word scoop is taken with a real irony. When I saw my RSS feed and my Twitter feed, I thought it was information of the year! If Ben, researchers say indeed that Chrome OS can be hacked!and they took care of all details of the methodology in the security conference known as Black Hat (in Las Vegas on August 3) by presenting two videos of pirated material. The two researchers in question are called Matt Johanson and Kyle Osborn and part of the research center‘s security WhiteHat Security.

    The attack focuses on the Gmail contacts, emails, and Google Docs and Voice (well, if I have not forgotten one way).

    Google has quickly responded by confirming that the flaws are somehow at the web and not the OS, which has particularly high levels of security.Do recognize that this is the rub. In terms of extensions and applications available on the Chrome Web Store, we see quite often at levels of access to information that is not really necessary to use the full functionality of these tools. Google will certainly benefit from being clearer or more demanding on the authorizations requested by a particular installation.

    Returning to the subject, this was made possible by vulnerabilities present on the extension Scrachpad obviously very popular if you go download statistics. This fault has been a fix very quickly.

    To return to security, we must believe that this announcement has made people happy among the “dissidents” of the OS. I therefore say that no system is inviolable, that’s obvious, but any system can still maximum security, and I really think that is the case with Chrome OS.