• Intel Stopping Development on MeeGo

    Rumor has it that Intel is temporarily stopping development on MeeGo, the Linux-based mobile OS it developed in cooperation with Nokia last year. Digitimes cites industry sources that say Intel is stopping development due to a lack of enthusiasm for the platform from hardware vendors.
    These sources say Intel will instead focus on hardware products, with its handset platforms to be paired with either Android or Windows Phone in 2012.

    While the decision wouldn't surprise those who have been following Meego news (in May of this year, Intel's CEO Paul Otellini admitted that Nokia probably wasn’t the right partner for his company), Intel has said that it remains committed to MeeGo.

    "We remain committed to MeeGo and open source, and will continue to work with the community to help develop and meet the needs of customers and end users," an Intel spokesperson told CNET.

    Announced in February of 2010, MeeGo is essentially a mash-up of Nokia's Maemo OS and Intel's Moblin operating system. Nokia and Intel said at the time that they planned to have the open source OS run on both smartphones and netbooks, with support for ARM architecture and Intel's line of Atom CPUs.
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    1. Artemis's Avatar
      Artemis -
      First WebOS and now MeeGo, with Nokia throwing in the towel on Symbian, there are now only 3 alternatives for phone OS and Mango is a far cry from iOS or Android in terms of support or the amount of apps or even app developers out there. I don't see a lack of competition as a good thing, and now you have two massive companies controlling virtually all of the marketplace.