• Gamer parents name newborn son after Skyrim character

    For expecting parents, coming up with a suitable name for a new bundle of joy can often be difficult. But when gamer couple Megan and Eric Kellermeyer realized their due date 11/11/11 was the same as the release day of the highly-anticipated Skyrim role-playing game, they made a big decision.
    After reading a post on developer Bethesda's blog proposing that soon-to-be parents consider naming their child "Dovahkiin" a word that means "Dragonborn" in the Skyrim world they committed to the plan.

    Originally, the developer's blog post seemed to be made in jest, and with a hefty disclaimer noting that "Bethesda Softworks is not responsible for your parenting," it appeared that it would be left as a joke and nothing more. However, as word began to spread of the company's somewhat humorous suggestion, the company sweetened the deal. In an update to the original story, Bethesda promised that anyone willing to name their child Dovahkiin would receive every one of the developer's games free for life, on top of other unnamed goodies.

    In a post on the couple's blog they announced their intentions, and the waiting game began. After all, newborns often miss their due date by a number of days, or even weeks, so fate would ultimately decide the child's name. But this time, the tiny warrior arrived right on time, and on 11/11/11, Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer was born. The lucky couple contacted Bethesda, who verified the new baby's name and birthdate, and held true to their promise, granting the couple and Dovahkiin himself every one of the company's games free for life.

    In the game Skyrim, you play as the last in a long line of warriors blessed with the blood of dragons. This gift allows you to wield powerful magic to help you complete your quest. Despite being able to customize your name as you see fit, townsfolk in the game frequently refer to your character as Dovahkiin and Dragonborn. Dovahkiin Kellermeyer will hear plenty of that name in the years to come, and who knows, if dragons show up to terrorize our cities as they do in the fictional realm ofSkyrim, we may just call upon his services.
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    1. Funkin''s Avatar
      Funkin' -
      I think that's pretty awesome actually, that these parents love video games so much that they would name their child after a character. I don't plan on ever having kids(I'm too greedy, I want to spend my money on me not someone else, plus my luck my child would probably inherit my fucked up mind and I wouldn't want that), but if I do manage to slip one past the goalie at some point in my life I'll probably end up doing the same.
    1. mjmacky's Avatar
      mjmacky -
      Perhaps name a daughter off of another Skyrim character. I'm sure Sapphire would have a bright future.
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