• Grooveshark May Be Shut Down as Employees Are Accused of Uploading Illegal Music

    Grooveshark has operated under a somewhat sketchy legal basis from day one. Yet it managed to stay alive for years now, streaming millions of songs, for free, to millions of users around the world.

    But that may come to an end if the latest accusations coming from Universal Music Group, which has sued the music streaming site, turn out to be accurate.

    Universal is now claiming that Grooveshark employees regularly upload unlicensed (pirated) songs to the site and that this is true from the CEO downwards.

    In total, Universal claims that Grooveshark employees have uploaded more than 100,000 tracks to the site over the years.

    Clearly, if this is true, Grooveshark is in hot water as any defense it had under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's "safe harbour" provisions is gone.

    If indeed employees have been uploading copyrighted songs without rightholders' permission, US courts will go down hard on the site, not only shutting it down, but putting many employees, or at least the higher-ups at the company at risk of jail time.

    Universal sued Grooveshark last year over copyright infringement. It was not the first time the site had been sued by a major label. Earlier, EMI came after the site until the two sides settled and Grooveshark licensed EMI content.

    But, to date, that's the only major label deal the site has struck. When Universal sued, the presumption was that it would reach a settlement as well.

    But it seems that the label wants to take Grooveshark down and it may have the means to do it. As part of the lawsuit, it got access to Grooveshark's uploads information database.

    It's in that data that Universal discovered that Grooveshark employees were among the uploaders. Starting with CEO Samuel Tarantino, which Universal says has uploaded 1,791 copyrighted songs, a lot of employees have done the same.

    This new evidence led Universal to file another lawsuit and to ask the court for an injunction for the site. If it wins this injunction, Grooveshark will have to shut down at least until the copyright lawsuit is over, which may take years.
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    1. Funkin''s Avatar
      Funkin' -
      That would be a real shame if it did shut down.
    1. nye's Avatar
      nye -
      Wow, Grooveshark is my exclusive source for music.
    1. anon's Avatar
      anon -
      Quote Originally Posted by Funkin' View Post
      That would be a real shame if it did shut down.
      What he said. It's an excellent streaming service, and you don't have to bother with proxies and shit. It's given me endless hours of music without paying anything in return. It'd really suck if they shut it down.

      Quote Originally Posted by nye View Post
      Wow, Grooveshark is my exclusive source for music.
      I use Groovedown to get single tracks these days.
    1. Cabalo's Avatar
      Cabalo -
      Just like me. groovedown is one of the first apps I install, even before Office and that kind of stuff.
    1. Quarterquack's Avatar
      Quarterquack -
      I once scoured the internet for years looking for a song. Eventually I gave up, and thought I'd never hear it. One day I was on grooveshark and randomly decided to see if I can find and play the entire album the song was on. I couldn't. But what I could do is play the song. It was the only one uploaded from the album, and it completed the collection of songs, considering the remaining 9 songs were easily available online. If grooveshark does go down, I will be very very depressed.
    1. Anonymau5's Avatar
      Anonymau5 -
      I really hope Grooveshark survive this. The only music streaming service that can compete with Grooveshark is Spotify. But it sucks due to all advertisements. Anyways I have to thank Grooveshark for making life cheaper and easier.
    1. Progress's Avatar
      Progress -
      Yeah damn shame if Grooveshark goes down I used to visit it a lot, not lately though, but damn was quite useful for me for a long time , I remember when GS used to have some down times I had to got YouTube to listen some music , I was complety dependent of GS, lol .I uploaded tons of songs there, and with scripts from userscripts.org and Chrome extensions the ads never bother me. Like Anon said is the only free service with millions of songs and completely international,damn I really like GS. Groovedowm? I never heard of it when I used download songs from GS i used SciLor's Grooveshark, it was pretty good.