• US Students Kept Away from File Sharing

    Back in 2008, Congress passed the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), which included sections were every school benefiting from federal funds was required not only to notify its students about copyright infringement issues but also to come up with plans to address them.

    Now those plans have become reality. On July 1, 2010, the rules went into effect and every college and university was reminded via e-mail by the Department of Education on June 4 about the aforementioned obligations.
    Several US schools were prompt to satisfy the demands.
    Baylor University, for example, is determined to prevent its students from using p2p (peer-to-peer) networks. As ArsTechnica reports, ďA BlueCoat PacketShaper locks down bandwidth to students, and all inbound ports are blocked by the campus firewall to keep "computers from acting as servers or super nodes in peer to peer networks."Ē
    Illinois State has employed a packet shaping device dubbed the Packeteer, built to identify P2P traffic and be restrictive with its available bandwidth to make sure it will not interfere with other, more important uses of the campus network. Besides this, the intrusion prevention system the school uses, was designed to block P2P traffic in both directions at the campus border, though only if it originates from residence and wireless hotspots; apparently, faculty and staff are trustworthy when it comes to using P2P applications in a responsible way.

    The examples continue and you can read further at ArsTechnica blog which points out that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) lobbied quite a bit for these measures to be enforced and got away just fine with its secret data on campus piracy being wrong by a factor of three or that college campuses account for relatively little P2P use (the rules do not apply to off-campus students). Members of Congress didnít seem bothered by these details.

    Source: P2POn
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      As long as they don't throttle WoW traffic, imagine the rage! I think that's what made my 4 year degree take almost 6 years to complete.
      The students have drawn aggro. Cast level 5 bypass internet filter spell.

      I found that schools that limit bandwidth usually dont have the bandwidth limited on public computers like the ones in the library and the network printers. just a matter of using a mac address from one of those machines. But they can trace where that mac address is plugged into the wall port. So don't use a wall port in your own room. One way to do is hide wireless router that is plugged in somewhere it won't be noticed. example. put router in ceiling and plug ethernet cord in where a bunch of them are plugged in. On that router you could have the mac from a printer or library computer. then you pick up the wireless signal from another location and bingo your not limited. catching you is a cat and mouse game and sorry to say you will be the mouse. I never used p2p it kills networks and i always scheduled my download speed so i didnt use the bandwidth when others really needed it. My college had real time graphs of the total campus bandwidth usage on the IT website so I just looked at the and saw that pretty no traffic between 3am and 8am so I uncapped my download speed for that time frame and could get ~40Mbps(of a 50Mbps connection) during those hours and during the day I limited 500kbps. i think at that time we used newsleecher as the client i believe it had scheduling.