• Boston Police hits back at Anonymous with sarcasm

    Is it possible to fight Anonymous?

    The movement is proud of saying that an idea can't be arrested or killed, but it seems like the Boston Police Department has thought of one way of fighting back: sarcasm.

    A week ago, the BPDNews.com website which provides news about the Boston police and crime in the area was hacked by Anonymous. The hackers replaced the home page of the site with a message and a video of American rapper KRS-One performing his song "Sound of Da Police".

    After almost a week of downtime, Boston Police have managed to bring their website back up - and have proven they have got a sense of humour by making a video about the hack.

    With straight faces, police officers explain how they were in Dunkin' Donuts when they first heard about the hack, and how they are struggling to make sense of a world without access to BPDNews.com:

    As one officer explains, "My reaction was, 'Why would anybody want to destroy a perfectly good KRS-One song?'"
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    1. megabyteme's Avatar
      megabyteme -
      That's a pretty good response. Makes Anonymous look like a bunch of spray painting kids.
    1. eyekey's Avatar
      eyekey -
      yeah... it's like laughing while someone is doing there best to insult you.
    1. Frankthetank1's Avatar
      Frankthetank1 -
      I live in Boston and just to let you know most people do not talk like the guys in this video.
    1. mjmacky's Avatar
      mjmacky -
      It takes a bit of the bite out of the sarcasm when they simultaneously try to sincerely highlight the value of their site, which could have all been saved for the end (which they did anyway).
    1. nless00's Avatar
      nless00 -
      police always have sarcasm...
    1. CQ1ST's Avatar
      CQ1ST -
      That is some seriously bland cop-humour dude, I suppose someone in boston laughed tho right?