• Introducing BitTorrent Torque

    Over a decade ago we introduced BitTorrent technology and BitTorrent clients, and the Internet was profoundly changed. This week we are aiming to revolutionize the web once again by integrating the power of BitTorrent with the most familiar experience on a computer: the browser. Today, we are proud to announce the alpha release of BitTorrent Torque.

    BitTorrent Torque is a JavaScript interface to a custom torrent client that exposes all the power of BitTorrent to web developers. Simply put, it allows anyone to utilize our powerful technology to create completely fresh and new experiences for users with just a couple lines of code.
    This alpha allows BitTorrent to move beyond desktop clients. We believe web developers are pioneers when it comes to creating beautiful, intuitive user experiences. Torque will empower them to create powerful applications that will appeal to broad audiences. To demonstrate this, today we are also launching Torque Labs. Torque Labs showcases various web apps that demonstrate just a fraction of what can be achieved using Torque. These demos include:

    Paddle Over: Drag and drop file transfers between computers, social sharing tools, social network integration and more.
    OneClick: Turn your torrent downloads into normal in-browser downloads.

    Torque is another step towards our commitment to empowering both developers and users. We strongly believe in this technology and the impact it can have. Torque Labs is part of our ongoing commitment to maintain an open conversation between our developers and our developer community. We are confident that together we can create some really kick-ass applications.

    Find out more at torque.bittorrent.com
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      Open for comments
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      There is a thread about this at TorrentFreak and in general posters there don't see much value in it. For example:
      "Privacy analysis please! Do these new tools represent an advance in privacy technology, or are they no better in that respect than what already exists? Rather than leave commenters to speculate, TF should actually ask a few journalistic questions of the developers and report their responses!

      Anyone 8 hours ago in reply to commenter5

      they are exactly the same as current programs when it comes to privacy"

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      Never mind. I got really excited there for a second when I thought it said "torrent toque".