• Google Serving 1,000,000,000 People Per Week

    Google yesterday launched Google Instant, a feature that gives you immediate search results as you're typing your query. However, embedded in that announcement was another little announcement: Google is now serving one billion people per week.

    Google Instant wasn't the only thing Marissa Meyer was excited about at yesterday's event in the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco. Meyer revealed that 2010 is the best year so far for Google Search and that the company has already blown past 2009's number of 500 UI changes. However, the most mind-blowing fact was probably that Google now serves one billion people a week. That's nearly a sixth of the population of the world.
    But why stop at a billion? With Google Instant, Co-founder Sergey Brin told Bloomberg that the company will reach even more people. Meyer said yesterday that the new feature will save users 11 hours per second, and Brin thinks that people will search more, because they have more time.
    "Ultimately I think that if people are able to search faster, then they're going to be able to search more and they're going to be able to research more topics that are important to them," Brin told Bloomberg. "Ultimately I think that's going to draw more users, more activity and that's going to be good for us, for advertisers and most importantly for users themselves."