• SuperTorrents Open For The First Time Since STM Merger

    Plenty of trackers open for signup and the good news just keeps coming in. AfterTorrentLeech and TorrentGui earlier this month, SuperTorrents (ST) is the latest private tracker to join in on the PS3 jailbreak celebration bandwagon. ST has opened public registrations for a limited time and new members are now able to create an account without needing an invite code. Having featured this site numerous times on this blog, we assume that most of our readers are/were members of the tracker. In case you havenít visited SuperTorrents in a while, this is not the same old ST we are talking about. The site recently rolled out some of its planned v2.0 features and more importantly, merged together with its sister site STMusic. STM merger was a massive boost to SuperTorrents user base as well as torrent index and itís now a much larger private tracker that what it used to be a couple of months ago.

    As of 15/9/2010, SuperTorrents had a registered user base of 17500+ active members. Itís torrent index had over 129000 torrents, around 43000 of them active. This included 25000+ music torrents which were moved from STMusic during the merger. In addition to boosted statistics, ST has already implemented some of the changes announced in ST v2.0 along with some RSS enhancementsĖ for a full list of announced features check out this article.
    As far as the content goes, SuperTorrents is primarily a General/0Day tracker with movies, games, TV shows, E-books and other usual stuff. However, it also acts as an alternative to a music tracker with the presence of large number of music torrents moved from STMusic. The site now has dual torrent browse pages, one for general content and the other purely for music releases. Music section has a different set of categories so that even searching by genre is possible. Another fact thatís worth pointing out is that ST has a lot of exclusive packs. Over 1000 torrents are listed under the siteís four official packs categories (Movies|HD Packs, Movies|Packs, TV|HD Packs and TV|Packs).

    Coming back to the open signups, SuperTorrents will be open for a few hours to celebrate the PS3 jailbreak and the recent influx of PS3 torrents. Following announcement is quoted from site homepage:
    In case you live under a rock, the PS3 has been exploited to run game backups and homebrew, first of all DO NOT UPDATE PAST 3.41 FIRMWARE IF YOU WANT TO "JAILBREAK" YOUR PS3
    See PSFreedom or PSGroove for free "jailbreaks" if you own a compatible linux-based android/phone device or USB development board like Teensy++ or AT90USB, or PSJailbreak or Google for a paid version
    In honor of this all PS3 torrents will be free leech and signups will be open for a short period of time. PLEASE download and continue to seed these torrents, our uploaders do not have enough free space as they are quite large.
    Signups are currently open and if you are looking to be part of a decent general tracker, check this site out.
    Site Name: SuperTorrents (www.supertorrents.org)
    Signup URL: http://supertorrents.org/signup.php

    Source: FileNetworks

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      yes.it is wonderful
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      yes.it is wonderful
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