• AMD Tells Girls How to Attract a Geeky Boyfriend

    Itís hard to find a good man, but not impossible if youíre willing to make a little effort. Working in high tech, Iím mostly around guys all day. And I can tell you that Ė in general Ė technical guys are pretty cool.
    If nothing else, they will always be able to fix the TV, your PC, and the sprinkler system in a pinch. Yes, they have way too many gadgets, but come on, how many shoes do you have? How about just the black ones?
    So, if youíre single and find yourself at a TweetUp chatting with the cute geek in a backpack, hereís how to speak his language, appreciate his hobbies, and potentially snag a date at Fryís.

    1. Learn the language. This is key. Hereís a great glossary of common PC terms written by women in high tech for non-geeks.

    2. Hang out where the geeks hang out: QuakeCon, overclocking events, LAN parties, GDC. I know, I know. But, just thinkÖhe will never want to get a mani/pedi with you.

    3. Ask questions. You donít really have to understand what these questions mean, but throw them into the conversation and then act interested when he answers. (Actually, this works for pretty much any topic.)

    • What will win, X86 or ARM?
    • Whatís more important in the PC Ė the CPU or GPU?
    • Is 3D just a niche?

    4. If you donít love gadgets, love the content: music, movies or games. I have yet to find a geek who isnít passionate about one of these, if not all three. If you like movies, rent some Sci-Fiís and youíll be set. Try Blade Runner, The Matrix, Tron, and District 9 to start. If you game, just know that Sims and Lego count, Bejeweled doesnít. Music is tougher. I find it impossible to listen to music I donít like. I donít care if he can get my alarm clock to make a Venti Soy Latte, Iím not spending the rest of my life with a man whoís into country music. But thatís me. If you can stomach tearjerker lyrics, more power to you.

    5. Ignore his clothes.
    Most geeks donít wear pants. They wear jeans or shorts. Just get over it and wait for the ring to diversify his wardrobe. But if flip flops are non-negotiable, I understand.
    To some of you, these lessons may seem daunting. But thereís good news here. You wonít have to learn sports. Trust me Ė most geeks know less than you about Red Sox vs. Yankees, the new NFL overtime rules, or why Canadian hockey teams canít win the Stanley Cup anymore.
    And when you snag your geek, here are some cool toys you can get him.

    Source: AMD
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    1. jpope's Avatar
      jpope -
      As a nerd with a non-nerd wife, I can say it's not what you say to a geek that matters. He's been waiting for you his whole life, make a move; but it needs to be obvious, like holding hands or even locking lips out of the blue. No kidding.
    1. eyekey's Avatar
      eyekey -
      indeed....the nerd never makes the move first..
    1. brilman's Avatar
      brilman -
      My face begs to differ (been slapped many times) but ya in most cases it is all about the 1st move