• PlayStation 3 Gets Hacked With Its Own Controller

    The PlayStation 3 jailbreaking and hacking wars continue these days, with coders and crackers porting technologies like the PSGroove or PSFreedom exploits to all sorts of devices and disabling the copy protection for the PlayStation 3.

    Now, after seeing Sony's console get hacked with everything from the traditional USB sticks to HTC phones, iPhone or iPod Touch devices, and even regular calculators, a new video has appeared on the web, showcasing a PS3 getting hacked using its own controller, a DualShock 3.

    While the report is a bit shaky, at least in terms of actual information being offered by the exploit, the video attached below does show a PS3 getting hacked using nothing but a seemingly standard looking DualShock 3 controller with SIXAXIS functionality.

    It's pretty safe to say that a bit of modding must be done to the controller in order to be able to run the PSGroove exploit and actually jailbreak the console, but at least the proof of concept is out there.

    Don't forget though that the 3.41 firmware version is required, in order to hack your console, as previous versions, not to mention newer ones like the 3.42 or 3.50 have blocked the vulnerability.

    The Playstation 3 hacking saga began a few months ago, with a few modders demonstrating that, through the use of a modified USB stick, the PS3 was now able to back up games and run the actual back ups off its own hard disk or an external hard drive.

    As you can imagine, that was soon used by people to play pirated games downloaded from the web or from torrent sites, fact which prompted Sony to take action against the exploit.

    The loophole that allow the PS3 to be hacked was patched through two firmware updates, but rest assured that hackers are working on cracking Sony's protection once more, and will use any device they have available to do so, as demonstrated by the video below.

    See a PlayStation 3 get hacked using its own DualShock 3 controller.

    Source: Softpedia
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    1. iLOVENZB's Avatar
      iLOVENZB -
      This is getting out of control !
    1. gh0zt's Avatar
      gh0zt -
      haha this is just getting better
    1. predateur's Avatar
      predateur -
      many years without any hack , and now every thing can hack the PS3 ...
    1. risys's Avatar
      risys -
      the coolest one is the one using calculator
    1. l33tpirata13's Avatar
      l33tpirata13 -
      The PIC 18F2550 is already used as a STANDALONE hack for the PS3. There is no point in connecting it to your PS3 controller. The payload wasn't made specifically for the dualshock 3 board. It's just a tutorial on how to stuff your dev board into your dualshock 3. If you were hoping for a port, you still have to wait.
    1. bobbintb's Avatar
      bobbintb -
      this is misleading as it isnt a port. its basically an already existing usb microcontroller hack fitted inside the controller.
    1. lavino's Avatar
      lavino -
      "the coolest one is the one using calculator" Except using a sliding ruler ^_^