• Anti-Piracy Law Firm Evacuated After Bomb Threat

    After nearly two weeks of DDoS attacks on various anti-piracy law firms and organizations such as the RIAA and MPAA, Operation Payback is still ongoing. In a possibly connected event, a few hours ago the office of the law firm Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver was evacuated by the police after a bomb threat was received. The firm is responsible for suing thousands of BitTorrent users in the United States in recent months.
    What started off as a DDoS attack on the Indian anti-piracy outfit Aiplex Software has evolved into a global assault on more than a dozen organizations involved in anti-piracy campaigns. Aside from attempts to take down the websites of these organizations, many outfits also received numerous prank calls and ‘free’ pizza.
    After having attacked the RIAA, MPAA, IFPI, BSA, ACS:LAW and many others, attention shifted towards the US law firm Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver this week. The firm, which started thousands of lawsuits against BitTorrent users under the name US Copyright Group (USCG) this year, is best known for pursuing alleged downloaders of the Oscar-winning movie The Hurt Locker.
    Two days ago a group of Anonymous/4chan users called for a DDoS attack on the website of the law firm under the flag of ‘Operation Payback’. Minutes later it was taken down together with their email server. Although the site slowly recovered after a few hours, the trouble for the Leesburg-based law firm were far from over.
    Thursday afternoon an email containing a bomb threat was sent to the law firm, whose employees contacted the police. In a swift response from the local police, members from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and the Loudoun County Fire Marshall’s Office evacuated the building.
    Several dogs trained in detecting explosives were brought in, but after a thorough sweep of the office no explosive devices were found. After the building was cleared detectives remained on the scene and the police said they will investigate the threat further.
    Police spokesman Chris Jones said that the content of the bomb threat email was vague and that no specific reasons for targeting the law firm were given. However, considering the previous DDoS attack on the firm and the prank calls other anti-piracy outfits received, the sender of the email could conceivably be connected to (or inspired by) Operation Payback.
    Earlier this week TorrentFreak spoke to one of the people connected to the (DDoS) operation to find out why Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver was included as a target. “They’re all anti-piracy lawyers,” was the non-disguising answer we got. “Think of Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver as of ACS:Law, but in the USA,” Anonymous commented, linking the Leesburg firm to the UK lawyers whose emails ended up on the streets after a DDoS attack.
    According to the police report, no direct link between Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver’s anti-piracy efforts and the bomb threat has been made yet. Leesburg Police Department is offering a cash reward to anyone who can help solve the case. People are encouraged to report leads to the police by calling (703) 771-4500. Anonymous calls can be placed at (703) 443-TIPS.

    Source: TorrentFreak
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    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      I guess it moves up a notch. Gives the money grubbers something to think about hey
    1. megabyteme's Avatar
      megabyteme -
      I smell a rat here. This group is typically non-hostile. A bomb threat is more likely to be a BS tactic of the "lawyers" to get the police to pursue the DDoS attacks than be a true threat.

      One of the recent articles posted here said the MPAA was trying to link copyright infringement with terrorism. Sounds like the same cowardly shit to me...
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      This definitely isn't by the DDoS people. They've got a good thing going and this would ruin them which so I agree with you megabyteme about the lawyers plot
    1. darkmawl's Avatar
      darkmawl -
      This would be taking it one step to far in my opinion. One: the DDoS attack just targets the company as a whole where a bomb threat is way more to a personal level. Two: It cost the tax-payers money.

      Like people said however this might be an independant action by people not involved with the DDoS attacks or even a conspiracy.
    1. taniquetil's Avatar
      taniquetil -
      This doesn't sound like a group of internet pranksters to me. A bomb threat is an act of active terrorism, IMO. It seems like the law firm is trying to connect this perhaps-unrelated event to a DDoS
    1. bobbintb's Avatar
      bobbintb -
      yea thats stupid and crossing the line. ddos is one thing but a bomb threat? thats just bad bad bad. also like previously said, that is a blow to the innocent taxpayers as well.