• Steve Jobs: Apple Has Already Sold Over 250,000 New Apple TVs

    On every earnings call, someone always asks for specific sales numbers. And companies always duck those questions. But not today. When someone asked how the Apple TV is doing since its relaunch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave a very specific answer. “In a short amount of time, we’ve already sold a quarter million.” He quickly made it a bit more clear: “over 250,000.”
    Jobs is clearly happy with how the new Apple TV is doing so far. “It’s a great product and its $99 price point is very enticing,” Jobs says. He notes that the Apple has completely moved the product over to the streaming model. You can either stream from the iTunes store, from a computer in your house, and soon from your iPhone or iPad with AirPlay.

    Source: TechCrunch
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      bobbintb -
      yea wait until google tv shows its first quarter numbers. and in the holiday season too.