• Better Pop Up Blocker for Chrome blocks pop-ups -- better

    Who doesn't love pop-ups? Really, I mean, it has to be the world's most effective and well-respected mode of advertising. You're browsing along, reading something on the Web, and suddenly your screen explodes with color and NSFW video clips. Seriously, how can you not enjoy that?
    If you're one of the odd few who aren't enthusiastic about pop-ups, you might appreciate Better Pop Up Blocker. While Chrome already features some pop-up blocking measures, they're not very serious.
    Even when you add the popular AdBlock extension, Chrome's blocking abilities still leave something to be desired. This point is made quite convincingly by the Better Pop Up Blocker homepage. If you're using Chrome, just click the image that says Click me, I'm an image, and see what I mean.
    By default, Chrome allowed three different huge pop-up windows to appear. After installing Better Pop Up Blocker, no pop-up appeared when clicking the image. I was still able to see what pop-ups were blocked using the extension's menu and open them if I did want to access them. The browser action icon will every time it blocks a pop-up, just to let you know it's working.