• AVG Bug kills 64 bit computers!

    AVG has withdrawn their recent update after reports that it caused an infinite loop on Windows7 64 bit systems. Windows7 32 bit systems were not affected.
    This is not the first time AVG has had this sort of problem and it probably won't be the last.

    Here is the exact error message that is received:
    "AVG - Installer Error" "A system restart is required in order to continue with the installation. Please restart your system and try again." Rebooting gets another error message, round and round.
    The issue caused a backup on the AVG Official Forums where the following message was issued: "Please be informed that due to the high forum traffic following the release of AVG 2011 and the limited capacity of our moderators, our responses to your posts may be delayed. We are doing our best to answer all posts as quickly as possible." "We offer our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this situation. "

    Source: PC PitStop
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      duke0102 -
      with most new machines coming with with 64bit version i imagine this will be a headache for retails and users lol