• DroidG does Gnutella P2P searches, downloads on your Android device

    Gnutella -- the venerable peer-to-peer file sharing network -- doesn't get as much time in the spotlight today, what with the rise of BitTorrent. It's still around, though, and Android users now have an app which lets them connect to the Gnutella network, search for files, and download directly to their device: DroidG.

    Fire up DroidG and connect to the network, then begin your search. Within a few seconds I was able to find tracks from one of my most-listened-to CDs by Volbeat. Search results can be sorted by file type, estimated speed, or number of sources. DroidG lets you queue multiple downloads, though transfers are done one at a time. From the download screen, you can tap and hold on any file in your queue to display a menu that lets you pause and resume downloading, remove it from the queue, or open the file when it finishes transferring. Some files -- like MP3s -- can even be previewed while you download them (image after the break).

    As with any mobile P2P app, it's probably best to use DroidG when you're on a Wi-Fi connection -- unless you're lucky enough to have a carrier which offers cheap wireless data plans.

    DroidG is available in the Android Market, and it's a free download. Read on to grab the QR Code, or hit the download link below.

    Download DroidG [AppBrain]