• Sony takes Geohot and Fail0verflow to Court

    We knew it would happen. Geohot released on his blog the PS3 “root key” and various tools to run homebrew on the PS3. Geohot posted on his blog the following:

    As of 1/11/2011 7:20 PM EST, I have been served with papers, see below…

    Motion For TRO
    Proposed Order

    old front page, with relevant info removed, is here

    contact me geohot … gmail

    You can download the court papers here (an interesting read):

    Fail0verflow is also stuck in the mess, here is some responses from the team:

    From Fail0verflow’s Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/fail0…
    “Looks like Sony decided to ignore the facts and sue us all for it. See http://geohot.com/”

    From Hector Martin’s Twitter
    “Ah, so Sony decided to sue everyone under US law. Guess I won’t be visiting the US in a while…”

    From Muscle Nerd’s Twitter
    “EFF has done a fantastic job keeping iPhone jailbreaks (not piracy!) legal..hope they can do the same with this PS3 news”

    List of charges:

    Confidential Information On Computer
    Intent To Defraud And Obtain Value
    Knowing Transmission of Code
    Intentional and Reckless Damage And Loss
    Trafficking in Password
    Intent to Extort

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    1. sandman_1's Avatar
      sandman_1 -
      Sony is just wasting money. The cat's already out of the bag.
    1. sonyboy's Avatar
      sonyboy -
      Sony what's the point the damage done
      Get over it i gotta laugh they make dvd and blue ray buners to sell what are they teaching us lol
    1. 8hobo8's Avatar
      8hobo8 -

      enough said