• Fujitsu launches the world's first naked-eye 3D desktop PC

    COMPUTER BUILDER Fujitsu has announced it will be shipping the world's first desktop computer with a naked-eye 3D display.

    Fujitsu's Esprimo FH99/CM is something of a departure for a company that is known for shifting anonymous beige boxes. Aside from the headline naked-eye 23-inch 1080p monitor, the system boasts Intel's Core i7 2630QM 2GHz quad core processor, 4GB of RAM, a 2TB hard disk drive and a Blu-ray optical drive that supports 3D.
    Fujitsu's claim of being the first outfit to ship a naked-eye 3D desktop primarily hinges on the fact that few computer makers think it is good business sense to bundle such an expensive monitor with a PC. Fujitsu will be asking $3,100 for the Esprimo FH99/CM when it hits US stores next month and don't expect the exchange rate to help out much when it tips up in the UK.

    While auto-stereoscopic 3D displays are definitely the way to go, questions still remain as to the quality of such screens. Television manufacturers have finally realised that consumers don't want to deal with expensive and cumbersome plastic shutter glasses in order to enjoy their significant investment, with many having announced development of glasses-less 3D screens, however the technology can still be classed as being in the beta stages.

    Fujitsu might have a hard time shifting these boxes, and not just because of their considerable price tags. Given that few have seen glasses-less 3D screens to judge their quality, it's likely that Fujitsu will have to rely upon bricks and mortar shops to flog its expensive desktop PCs.

    At this point Fujitsu has not revealed whether it will be selling a 23-inch 3D naked-eye monitor as a standalone unit, so those wanting a such a display will have to either stump up the cash or do the sensible thing and wait until such displays sold separately are released.

    Source: The Inquirer

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