• Windows 8 to RTM in 2012 and Hit Shelves in 2013

    Windows 7ís successor, currently dubbed Windows 8 or Windows vNext will be released to manufacturing in the second half of 2012 and will hit store shelves in early 2013.

    One trusted source close to the Redmond company revealed that the software giantís current plans are to ship Windows 8 to customers on Monday January 7th, 2013.

    Of course, Microsoft has not offered confirmation of this date, nor has the company made public an official timetable for Windows 8, including development milestones such as Milestone 1, M2, M3, Beta, Release Candidate or RTM.

    Iíve heard that 2013 was considered for the General Availability deadline of Windows 8 from a number of sources, not just Wzor.

    But customers must understand that these are nothing more than the Redmond companyís current plans. And plans, especially when it comes down to software development, have the custom of evolving and changing.

    Letís take the example of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Some of you might remember that Microsoft initially said that it would ship Windows 7 SP1 RTM by mid-2011.

    In accordance with the progress made when building the upgrade, the software giant modified the delivery date, and it will beat its initial estimates by a few months, since Windows 7 SP1 has already been RTMíd some claim, and is right on track for availability in the first quarter of 2011.

    Similarly, Microsoft could indicate that Windows 8 would be a 2013 deliverable, and then, having under-promised will over-achieve and offer the next major iteration of the Windows client ahead of the announced date.

    Iím also thinking that it would simply be good market strategy for the software giant to push Windows 8 back a tad, even though the move might be artificial, in order to allow Windows 7 to fully consolidate its success.

    Microsoft representatives did underline time and again that they were targeting new Windows releases roughly three years apart, and this means that Windows 8 commercial availability is in fact closer to October 2012, or in late 2012, rather than in 2013.

    Still, with a January release the difference is measured in terms of days, and nothing more, and I think that Microsoft could get away with it.

    This especially considering the fact that with a 2012 RTM, Windows 8 would indeed be wrapped up and offered at least to some customers in less than two years.

    Microsoft is expected to finalize Windows 8 Milestone 2 in the coming months, with the first pre-M2 Builds already produced.

    The company will then push Windows vNext to Milestone 3. M3 is estimated for finalization in March 2011, with Windows 8 moving onward to the first Beta after that.

    It appears that Microsoft is planning to release two public Beta development milestones of Windows 8, and only then produce the RC release.

    This would place Windows 8 RC sometime in the first half of 2012, and the RTM of the operating system three months later, starting with mid-2012.

    Source: Softpedia
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      Tarom -
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      zeroslave -
      arent we all supposed to be dead by december 21st? or so says the mayan calendar
    1. Detale's Avatar
      Detale -
      Well no the Mayan calender just ends that day. It's the hysterical idiots that say it means the world ends. Hopefully we all can get a "pre release" out here to test out like
    1. Beck38's Avatar
      Beck38 -
      Uh... let me get this 'straight'. Win7, supposedly the (next) best thing since sliced bread, right after the LAST 'next best thing' (Vista), lasted...... how many months before getting tossed on the trash heap so they can sell yet another POS.

      Right about the time, I might add, that Vista hits it's third service pack (and has been super-stable since SP2).

    1. unclemilty74's Avatar
      unclemilty74 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Beck38 View Post
      Uh... let me get this 'straight'. Win7, supposedly the (next) best thing since sliced bread, right after the LAST 'next best thing' (Vista), lasted...... how many months before getting tossed on the trash heap so they can sell yet another POS.

      Right about the time, I might add, that Vista hits it's third service pack (and has been super-stable since SP2).

      I think you've been brained one too many times. Windows Vista was never stable. And you're complaining about a software company releasing new versions of its software? Uhh, isn't that what they are supposed to do? If you don't like software updates, perhaps you should run a Mac, or Linux, or Google's new o/s when it comes out... cause they, you know, never ever update their software....
    1. mr. nails's Avatar
      mr. nails -
      Quote Originally Posted by unclemilty74 View Post
      Windows Vista was never stable.
      it wasn't? i had vista @ rtm and the only thing that wasn't stable for me was nVidia drivers. once they were ironed out vista worked like a champ.
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      @mr. nails
      I agree, Vista was great IF you had a powerful machine, I found it very slow with low powered machines.

      I also agree, how dare a company bring out a new product for people to buy lol

      People knock MS for bringing out OS so 'regularly' but Apple are a lot worse for that, do some research if you don't believe me
    1. Appzalien's Avatar
      Appzalien -
      Windows 8 could come out tomorrow, but if its not close to being an XP2 then I'm not buying it. I skipped Vista, and I'm in the process of skipping Win 7, If Win 8 is not user friendly like XP was (easily integrated - normal tree mode - back to the familiar GUI and naming scheme or at the least configurable to emulate XP's) I'm not biting on that one either. As far as I'm concerned Microsoft can bite my (_____ fill in here). Apple will never get my money, but if I have to go thru another learning curve it might as well be Linux.
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      Chief_Garbonzo -
      Appzalien - You have to get over XP. Vista did suck, and was somewhat dubbed a failure of an OS, even by Microsoft. Win7 is not a failure. The technology behind 7 is days ahead of the way XP works. You'd be best upgrading to Win7 & getting used to the different GUI. Microsoft isn't going to use the GUI in XP, then take it away for two OS's, then put it back. I have an extremely powerful machine though, so I can't recommend Win7 to normal or low powered machines because I've never tried it. But given you have good specs, Win7 does what it was made for. I am kinda shocked to see production of Win8 so early, but it could be triggered by many things. Perhaps triggered by the fact their competitors coming up with better stuff in the works, giving them a reason to pump out a new Windows...but we'll have to wait and see the main differences between Win7 & Win8 to analyze that.
    1. unclemilty74's Avatar
      unclemilty74 -

      You shouldn't be totally defending XP against Win7 simply because the GUI is different. Google enough and you can turn all the graphical features to look identical to XP/2000. I have the same desktop, task bar, tray icon, quicklauncher, and even the start menu. Yes, it does take a little time and effort but nothing too complicated.
    1. Appzalien's Avatar
      Appzalien -
      It doesn't change the fact that Win7 is just a rebadged Vista. And the supporters of 7 are the same people who insited Vista was a great OS, but now are poo-pooing it and saying how great 7 is. 7 just sucks a little less than Vista. If you add compatibility to the new bios subsitiute and directx12 who wouldn't buy XP2?