• DARWINmachine Hammerhead HMR989 gaming rig looks ferocious, can attack your desk for $2,900

    The giant PC gaming rigs of the last decade are so passť. Hot this year are sleeker, more cut models, models like the DARWINmachine Hammerhead HMR989. It looks like a crazy casemod but it's actually a custom-built rig you can order, priced at $2,899 and sporting a vertically mounted NVIDIA GTX460 graphics accelerator, a 2.8Ghz Core i7-860 processor, a combination of SSD and platter-based storage, and a power supply left hanging on the side. It's all aluminum and resin sheets and lovely, though we could probably do without the blue LEDs.

    Source: Engadget
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    1. Detale's Avatar
      Detale -
      I want that case!!
    1. lordgamar's Avatar
      lordgamar -
      Would suck if you had a cat.
    1. brilman's Avatar
      brilman -
      Quote Originally Posted by lordgamar View Post
      Would suck if you had a cat.
      just put a nice electric fence around it
      a few zaps and the cat will learn
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      simate -
      That is one fugly machine