• PS3 COD: Black Ops: Perma-Bans Coming in Hot

    RipTen is reporting on several users who are claiming they got the ol’ heave-ho from COD: Black Ops online. I’m not clear on how or why these bans are happening, or if they actually are happening, but if they are — it’s a sure bet it all stems from the recent hacks and mods, especially if you’re cheating the game.

    What about you guys and gals — anyone get banned yet? If so, what’s up with that? Are you on 3.55, playing a backed up copy, using the DNS trick to get online, cheating your way to the top? And c’mon … don’t try pleading the fifth.

    Update: Thanks to BlackOps13 (via the comments) for this info from the Black Ops Security & Enforcement Policy.

    Users who have modified their hardware and have run hacked script or code. This includes modifying profile data to use illegal characters in a player’s name.

    Instant permaban. You will no longer be allowed to play the game online. Console users who modify their hardware or profile data will also be reported to the console manufacturers.

    Now be a good boy (or girl) because Team Treyarch will tattle on you! It’s probably for the better anyway… You (cheaters) shouldn’t be ruining such an awesome online game. If you’re cheating online and get banned, you probably deserve it.

    Source: RipTen
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    1. Tarom's Avatar
      Tarom -
      Seriously? Banned for using illegal characters? Why dont they try catching cheaters for a change...