• Hotmail introduces throwaway email addresses

    As if Hotmail isn't a throwaway service

    EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER Microsoft is allowing Hotmail users the ability to create throwaway email addresses.
    Microsoft announced that Hotmail users will be able to create five email aliases per year, allowing them to filter email depending on which address emails are addressed to. The idea is that users can set up throwaway email addresses, assuming of course their Hotmail email address isn't itself a throwaway address, to filter emails.

    Dharmesh Mehta, director of Windows Live Product Management said, "Starting today, you can add up to five aliases per year to your Hotmail account, up to fifteen aliases in total, all designed to make it a lot easier to organize different types of email and personas in one Hotmail inbox without having to give out your primary email address if you don't want to."

    Previously Hotmail allowed users to append words to their addresses by using a "+" (plus sign) symbol, which largely had the same effect as separate email addresses. However Mehta correctly pointed out that with such a system people can easily work out a user's general email address, bypassing any filtering the user might have set up. The aim of Hotmail's email aliases, according to Mehta, is to make it not so easy for people to derive the primary email address of a Hotmail user.

    The ability to add more email addresses to a Hotmail account will, Microsoft hopes, not only entice users to move more of their email onto its service, but give it a chance to analyse more messages.

    Source: The Inquirer
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    1. bobbintb's Avatar
      bobbintb -
      yea, isnt this wait hotmail is for anyway? i never use it for any real email.
    1. Tarom's Avatar
      Tarom -
      yep, garbage mail. They tend to disable accounts for inactivity way too quickly. 2-3 weeks away in a place without Internet connection and bam account disabled and emails lost...
    1. unclemilty74's Avatar
      unclemilty74 -
      Hotmail blows like the slutty wind
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      A lot of Hotmail haters here lol. My Hotmail addy has been my 1st created, it's not my only but it still is my main account
    1. technobob's Avatar
      technobob -
      I've had my Hotmail account for over ten years at first it was usable but now it just gets spammed. I only use it now for sites that I know I'm going to get spam from or the site is questionable. I also don't trust them for privacy and keeping my email safe. Years ago I was with Bhell they use Microsoft to manage their email and one day I login to find almost 2 years of emails gone and they blamed me saying I deleted them.
    1. Tarom's Avatar
      Tarom -
      Take that right in the pooper hotmail!!
    1. bijoy's Avatar
      bijoy -
      MS is going down.