• Stunning case makes other PCs look kind of dull and boring

    Most PC users these days go for a laptop, but any hard core dedicated gaming fan will tell you that for serious performance you need a serious desktop computer. With that in mind, few desktop setups look the part more than this awesome case from Thermaltake.
    The Level 10 GT is essentially an updated version of the old Level 10 we saw a while back, with added features like USB 3.0 ports, an improved cooling setup, and room for the biggest graphics cards available. Best of all, at $279 the new model is way more affordable than its $700 predecessor.
    The styling still comes from BMW's Designworks USA studio, and features five hot-swappable drive bays, and room for four optical drives.

    A single key locks all of your hardware to the case, which sounds like a good idea considering the type of stuff you're likely to load it up with.
    I would buy this just for its general awesomeness, and I'm not even big on PC gaming.

    The Thermaltake Level 10 GT is available now.

    Source: Dvice
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    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      Looks like something the Elephant Man would have designed....
      and what was the point of the car in the beginning of that vid?
    1. brilman's Avatar
      brilman -
      Love a great case but I still prefer to have mine kinda behind the scene.
      For all it's worth I still don't get why everything has to have LED's everywhere yes I understand the awesomeness of it but still when I walk out of my media room and turn the lights off it looks like a UFO landed in there
      Gonna get a thumb scanner on the door just for the wow factor
    1. Darth Sushi's Avatar
      Darth Sushi -
      It's fugly and looks like dog shit.
    1. Oopsies49's Avatar
      Oopsies49 -
      reminds me of the big old ps2
    1. Detale's Avatar
      Detale -
      @Duke. The point of the car is that BMW had a hand in designing these level 10 cases with thermaltake. Personally I like the initial look of it. I do like the original better still. If I remember correctly though the price when the first level 10 case came out was about $1000 US not $700 as in the article.
    1. mediafired's Avatar
      mediafired -
      The Glass pane is a bit of an ego trip. Really , who needs that ?
      The other elements look pretty nice.
      But it's all a little childish. You know ? , like it's sitting in the bedroom of a acne riddled 18 year old gamer.

      I would much rather have an elegent case , one that has SILENT inducing features, sit's neatly where a dvd player used to live ( doesn't look out of place with HD tv) , and has ALL access sockets on the back.

      Zalman HD503 ( Similar Price )

      Zalman HD501 ( Cheaper)