• FPse PlayStation emulator debuts on the Android Market

    While we wait for the official Sony-created PlayStation emulatorto hit the Android platform, one of the best mobile PlayStation emulators, FPSeCe, has made the jump from Windows Mobile to Android.

    Available for just under $5, and having dropped the CE (forWindows CE), FPse brings another PSOne emulation option to your Android smartphone. It's able to take ISO backups from your PSOne discs, something Sony's own PlayStation app for Android is very unlikely to let you do, and supports Android 2.2 and up.

    So if you've been dying to get in on some Tony Hawk Pro Skater-action on the move, but haven't found other options to your liking, then check out FPse in the Android Market. Just make sure to have a look at the compatibility list before plunking down your hard-earned cash, just in case your favorite game isn't supported yet.

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    1. mr. nails's Avatar
      mr. nails -
      one of the best? hrm, i use epsxe170 and it's great! other ps1 emu's haven't worked worth a crap imo and FPse has been out of development for going on 3 years now. maybe it's awesome in secret that i've yet to discover?

      that being said... All Hail Emu!
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      epsxe is for the PC isn't it.
      I think psx4droid is the best PS emu so far