• Libya turns off Internet as it kills protestors

    LIBYA HAS SHUT DOWN the Internet for its citizens two days in a row as Gaddafi's thugs turn on protestors.
    Data collected by US company Arbor Networks show that from last Friday 30 international Internet providers had their traffic to and from Libya shut off.

    Following what obviously didn't work for Egypt, Libya started restricting online access earlier on Friday and managed to choke off all Internet traffic for its population. According to Arbor Networks, some traffic managed to get through on Saturday morning, only to be shut off again in the afternoon.
    Choking the Internet is a kneejerk reaction by the Libyan government as it tries to stop protestors from overthrowing its long time dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. The timing coincided with mass murders of peaceful protestors by Libya's security forces in the city of Benghazi on Sunday.

    In Egypt, even the military refused to turn its weapons on the protestors and the movement finally led to President Hosni Mubarak being forced to step down.

    But demonstrations in Libya have already resulted in the deaths of 200 protesters in Benghazi. CBS news reported that Libyan citizens defied a direct order from Gaddafi not to gather at a square in Benghazi. The protestors returned and a collection of Gaddafi troops, mercenaries and loyalists attacked the demonstration.
    The Internet blackout was timed to stop news of the killings from getting out but some traffic got through. The country's top level domain hasn't entirely gone down because the Libyan government didn't shut off all DNS servers.

    Source: The Enquirer
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