• Intel acquisition of McAfee approved by regulators

    In August of 2010, Intel announced it was purchasing McAfee for a cool $7.7 billion in cash. The deal had been held up by U.S. and EU regulators ever since, but the transaction has finally been given the all-clear.

    The two companies plan to develop security solutions which more tightly integrate hardware and software, a move both claim is imperative in today's rapidly evolving threat landscape. In a press release, Intel's Renée James said "The acquisition of McAfee adds not only world-leading security products and technologies to Intel's computing portfolio, but also brings incredibly talented people focused on delivering products and services that help make connecting to the mobile Internet safer and more secure."

    Intel already revealed at least one component of its mobile security strategy -- an SMS-powered remote kill switch in its Sandy Bridge chips, which can be used to disable stolen laptops. We're curious to see what additional integrated defenses Intel and McAfee release now that the acquisition has been finalized.