• Mozilla releases first stable version of Open Web Apps

    The open and free alternative to the Chrome-specific Web Store is now almost upon us! Developers, feast your eyes on the first milestone release of Mozilla's Web Application project.

    Developers, this milestone release means that the OWA Application Manifest spec is now stable -- so you can now safely begin building apps. There is also a stable JavaScript API that you can use to interact with the browser (installing, uninstalling, etc.) There's also the beginnings of a tutorial that you can use to get started.

    For the end-users, you can actually try out some Open Web Apps now! You need to install an add-on first (Firefox / Chrome), and then simply head over Mozilla's Demo Apps.

    Open Web Apps will be compatible with every platform and OS -- including Chrome! -- and they can be distributed in a variety of ways, too. Mozilla will undoubtedly run its own Web Store alongside AMO, but the Open Web App spec allows for developers to run their own store, or to simply distribute Web apps on their own, without the need for a store.

    There's a video introducing Open Web Apps after the break.