• 5% of games in 2010 rated M - ESRB

    Classification board's annual survey shows ratings breakdown of 55 percent E for Everyone, 18 percent Everyone 10+, 21 percent Teen, and 1 percent Early Childhood.

    The Entertainment Software Rating Board--the organization that assigns ratings to games--has released its annual classification breakdown, revealing that M-rated games represent just 5 percent of software rated in 2010.
    Further, M-rated games, which occasionally stir up controversy, actually shrunk year-over-year as a percentage of all games released. Last year, the ESRB slapped an M rating on 6 percent of the games it rated.

    The pie chart breakdown (pictured) represents every game (1,638 in all) the ESRB rated in 2010 and its respective ratings classification. The most prevalent classification was an E for Everyone rating, which was assigned to 55 percent of games in 2010. T-for-Teen games followed with 21 percent of total games, and Everyone 10+ came in with 18 percent of the ratings.

    EC (Early Childhood) games represented the smallest slice of the pie, coming in at just 1 percent.

    Source: GameSpot
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      Appzalien -
      Now if they would only add E-S for Everyone with Securom or E-ST for Everyone with Starforce etc., I would be really happy. I don't want to pay for DRM that the pirates ignore and eventually bypass anyway.