• Yahoo Launches Own Version of Google Instant Search

    Yahoo has launched a new search feature that anticipates queries as users write them.

    The feature, Search Direct, is similar to the Instant Search Featurethat Google released in September. In a press release,Yahoo distinguished its product as a query tool for answers, not links.

    Results (or answers) on Search Direct are displayed in a box that drops down from the search box. As soon as a user places his cursor in the search box, the drop-down display shows trending search topics. Once the user begins to type, it shows the 10 most likely search terms. If one of those terms involves Yahoo content movie times, weather, financial information then a preview of that content appears.
    Hitting the search button or enter displays normal Yahoo search results.

    During a press conference call, Yahoo said a tablet Search Direct product will eventually be available and that space in the drop-down box will be available to advertisers.

    The public beta product is currently live at search.yahoo.com. Try it out and let us know how you like it in the comments below.

    Source: Mashable
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      axaxa i typed "which browser is faster" and yahoo suggestion was "no suggestions are available" aaaaaaaaaaxaxaxax