• Here's why you should never steal a laptop from a tech geek

    Most thieves are pretty stupid, but it takes a special type of stupid to steal a laptop from a tech geek, and then use it without taking any precautions like wiping the hard drive. Especially if you decide the best way to test out your illicit loot is by recording yourself dancing (badly) to Tyga's Make it Rain.
    The MacBook Air is owned by 18 year old technology whiz Mark Bao, who quickly found a way to track the thief's browser history and recently changed files through its Backblaze automated online backups.

    He found that one of the first things the thief did was to provide some helpful mugshots via Photo Booth, and then he recorded this incredibly embarrassing dance video. As if that wasn't easy enough, Bao was also able to ID the thief through links to his Facebook page.

    So far Mark hasn't reported any of this to the cops, and by posting the dance video on YouTube he hopes to shame the guy into just giving it back. Sounds like a good idea, when you consider what the other prisoners might make of those dance moves.

    Source: Dvice
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    1. bobbintb's Avatar
      bobbintb -
      dude, i would totally turn him in! or hunt him down and steal it back.
    1. darkmawl's Avatar
      darkmawl -

      This is a lot more fun. It start at 3:13 where he explains how he got his computer back after 2 years . Actually pretty fun.