• Samsung Plans 2GHz Processor for Next Smartphone

    Mobile processor speeds have been accelerating steadily over the last year, but Samsung wants to give them an even bigger boost. The company plans to use a 2GHz processor in its next wave of smartphones.

    The Korean Maeli Business Newspaper reports that a high-ranking Samsung official leaked plans for the smartphones that will feature dual-core 2GHz processors. That's two cores each running at 2GHz, for a total of 4GHz of processing power.

    Not only that, Samsung apparently plans to sell the processors to other smartphone manufacturers, meaning that it won't just be Samsung phones that get a huge spec boost. The chips themselves would likely be part of the Exynos processor brand that Samsung launched in February.

    As the Samsung official pointed out to MK, a 2GHz dual-core processor will bring smartphones solidly into the realm of desktop PC computing power. The current crop of 1.2GHz dual-core processors approaches the power of 1.6GHz netbook processors. But with Samsung's innovation, smartphones will rival the power of dual-core processors showing up in laptops and desktops.

    Of course, all the speed improvements have significant effects on battery performance, and the current generation of smartphones certainly struggles to match battery life to processor power. Samsung's 2GHz processors would need even more efficient power management algorithms to truly take advantage of all the processing power.

    Samsung reportedly wants the first smartphones with 2GHz processors to hit the market by next year.

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      bobbintb -
      xoom 2 anyone?
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      Samsung need to create the worlds first 100GHz processors.