• One Fifth of Americans STILL Don't Use The Internet

    The Pew research center put out survey results today on broadband adoption and Internet use in America. There was one data point that I found startling. According to the survey, 21 percent of American adults say they donít use the Internet. One fifth of all Americans.
    This isnít just people who do not use broadband (which is 66 percent of American adults). It also includes people who donít use dial-up (another 5 percent). These people donít use the Internet at all. That is like not using the telephone.
    The number is a bit inflated because a third (34 percent) of these self-described non-users live in a house with Internet access or have family members who use the Internet regularly. They just donít think the information on the Internet is relevant to their lives (48 percent), are uncomfortable with computers (60 percent), and are not interested in getting online (90 percent).
    Who are these people? I can understand why elderly Americans who didnít grow up with computers not seeing the need for them. And that is certainly reflected in the broadband numbers. Only 31 percent of people 65 or older are on broadband, compared to 80 percent for those 18-to-29 years old. People without a high school education, with low incomes, or who live in rural areas also are less likely to use broadband. It is likely that these demographic groups also make up a disproportionate number of the non-users.
    At least race is becoming less of a factor. One of the fastest growing groups of broadband use is among African Americans. More than half (56 percent) use broadband (compared to 67 percent of white users), up from 46 percent of African Americans last year. And most people (53 percent) donít believe the government should get involved in making broadband more broadly available. They think the market is doing just fine on its own.
    Well, except for those 21 percent of Americans who are apparently still communicating by telegram.

    Source: Tech Crunch
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    1. IdolEyes787's Avatar
      IdolEyes787 -
      I for one applaud them. The world needs fewer people on computers and more people actually living life .
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      Living life? I googled that an didn't find much about it..... lol
    1. Appzalien's Avatar
      Appzalien -
      Who's suprised? With the baby boomer generation getting up there, and many of their parents still alive, whats the suprise? These are the same parents who called on us to program their VCR's. Is it no wonder they can't figure out the net? I'm suprised its not 30%, it may be with the survey's margin of error.
    1. ulun64's Avatar
      ulun64 -
      I practically live on the internet. Everyone I know use the internet. My business (selling pc's) will go bust, if ppls stop using the internet. Those I know who don't use the internet are the ppls who are older than me and those who don't know how to turn on a computer.

      My sister said ppls who use the internet are moron while she watch Chinese and Korean drama via PPstream. Geez who is the actual moron
    1. brilman's Avatar
      brilman -
      I teach alot of older ppl 65+ alot of the problems I run into is there afraid of breaking something when pressing a key or the sites they want to goto are hard to navigate with all the add space, pop ups ....ect