• PSN Credit Card Details For Sale on the Black Market - Australia Hit

    Just when we thought we were in the clear, rumours abound that the credit card details of 2.2 million PlayStation Network members have hit the black market. While I think we'd all prefer to overlook the claims as mere rumours, one local PSN user is reporting to have already been slugged with $2,000 in unexplained charges to their credit card since the breach.

    The rumours come from online security expert Kevin Stevens of TrendMicro who tweeted the following:

    The hackers that hacked PSN are selling off the DB. They reportedly have 2.2 million credits cards with CVVs #psnhack

    Such claim is contrary to Sony's statement that the CVV, the security number attached to a credit card, is never stored on their system.

    According to a later tweet, the full alleged contents of the database is as follows:

    Supposedly the hackers selling the DB says it has: fname, lnam, address, zip, country, phone, email, password, dob, ccnum, CVV2, exp date

    On a positive note, Stevens clarified that he had not seen the database personally and so cannot verify whether it actually exists but rather was alerted to its alleged existence by "a conversation on a criminal forum".

    Whether or not such a database exists remains to be proven, however ABC News are reporting that Rory Spreckley, a PlayStation user from Adelaide, may just be the first victim of the breach. According to Mr Spreckley, he checked his bank account to make sure it was unaffected and discover "just over $2000" in charges he claims he didn't personally accrue. What potentially ties the charges to the recent security breach is the timeliness and nature of the charges:

    "There was a number of early transactions on the 23rd of amounts under $1, which they say is the usual kind of test run that fraudsters do and then there's been a number of transactions of larger amounts"

    Fortunately for Mr Spreckley, the charges should be easily traceable including domestic flights within Australia and bookings at Best Westerns hotels.

    PlayStation account holders are advised to monitor credit card transactions regularly and change both usernames and passwords often.

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    1. darkmawl's Avatar
      darkmawl -
      I know my brother was smart enough to remove my CC details after he by accident brought something with he did not know would have been charged. However reading all this I wonder if the stuff really got fully deleted or just "lazy" deleted. One would think it would be fully removed....but now with sony you also wonder.

      Then again this could all be fake.
    1. mjmacky's Avatar
      mjmacky -
      In Adelaide, you mean the murderer capital of the world