• Atari Delays Test Drive Unlimited Into 2011

    Publisher Atari and developer Eden Games have announced that Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been delayed. The title will now ship at the beginning of 2011. The reason for this postponement is that the Eden needs more time to finish the multiplayer component of this new installment in the Test Drive series.

    · Delayed to fully realize the social aspects
    · Will come out at the beginning of next year
    · Beta testing phase also rescheduled

    Atari has decided that the online experience of Test Drive Unlimited 2 still needed some work and it has provided that developer with more time to finish up the project.

    “To date, Test Drive Unlimited 2 has generated great media buzz and incredible excitement amongst gamers and fans of the franchise,” said David Nadal, studio manager of Eden Games.

    “By moving the title’s release date to early 2011, we will be able to further advance the game and take into account consumer feedback to help ensure we deliver a great online lifestyle racing experience.”

    The change in the release window is accompanied by a shift in the launch of the Beta Testing phase of the game. Eden will announce a new date soon and will reward the fans' patience with an in-game item.

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an open world racing game that will allow players to visit Ibiza and Hawaiian island Oahu, which are modeled very accurately by using GPS data. There will be over 3,000 km of both asphalt and off-road routes for them to explore.

    There will be a career mode that will task the virtual driver to rank-up through 60 levels worth of experience points, by engaging in competitions, exploration, social events and the collection of various items.

    Unlike the original Test Drive Unlimited, this sequel will not include motorcyles, but will have off-rod SUVs, alongside the exotic sports cars that are a hallmark of the series.

    The game will be launched on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PC.

    Source: Softpedia