• Apple Posts Source for iOS 4.3 LGPL Code

    After months of beating around the bush, Apple has finally released the source for iOS tools published under the LGPL and BSD open source licenses. When utilizing open source libraries, like Apple has for a number of their applications (webkit in Mobile Safari, for example), developers and companies have an obligation to release their modified code.

    Apple has a history of taking their sweet time releasing the code, and anyone who follows comex or Saurik on Twitter will understand the situation. The (not-quite complete) release of the iOS 4.3 source is a positive move, but Apple will still need to be much quicker in the future to appease developers and open source advocates.

    I think it is time that Apple gets their act together and becomes more straight-forward with LGPL compliance. It is not acceptable to delay the source code release for 8 weeks after shipping a LGPL licensed software. Especially not, if you have already demonstrated in the past that you are well aware of the obligations and have a process and a website to release the corresponding source code under the license conditions. Welte