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Thread: MTA/GTA problem

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    i have reinstalled gta and multi theft auto, and when i try to start game on multi theft auto, all i hear is a beeping sound, and nothing happens, i am using a no cs crack, but it worked before i restored my computer.

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    As far as i know you cannot play MTA with a no cd crack since there latest update and version.

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    well before i restored my computer, i was able to play it with mta 0.5 and with no cd crack, or has somthing happend with all the servers?
    if so, what can i do, is there a way to get roud it withought buying the game?

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    No, there is no way to get round it as far as i can see.

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    i havent applied any updates, i have just installed gta vc, and mta 0.5, exatly the same as before when it all worked.
    have they dont somthing to the servers?

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    Im not sure, i use to also be able to play MTA about 6 months ago, but when i retired a week or so ago i couldn't, it said

    Invalid EXE:
    Reinstall GTA or buy it if you are using an illigal version.

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    it dont say anyhting with me, apparently there is certain exe's that still work, but i dont know were to find em.

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    MTA basically checks a hash of the real legal EXE, and if you are using anything different it will refuse you to play. If you do try and use the legal EXE the game will stop you playing, if you use a cracked EXE MTA will stop you playing. The only way you could get arround it is by mounting a mini image or a clone or buying the real thing.

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    how do i mount a mini image or a clone?

    and what do you mean by mounting a mini image or a cloan?

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    A clone is a non cracked version of the game that has been copied in a certain way, it means that a crack is not needed to play the game, although they are hard to find on older games if not impossible and usually arn't even released if a cracked version has already been released. I've searched for a clone of GTA for a while and gave up as there was never one released, making that path impossible. Meaning your only option left is to buy it, i saw it down the shop a few days ago at 5.99 which hardly breaks the bank.

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